Impedance analysis of DNA and DNA-drug interactions on thin mercury film electrodes

Publikace: CRITICAL REVIEWS IN ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY 32, 167-179 Autoři: Hason, S., Dvorak, J., Jelen, F., Vetterl, V. Rok: 2002


In this review we briefly summarize the results of impedance measurements (dependence of the differential capacitance C and/or impedance Z of the electrode double layer on potential E, C-E curves) or on frequency (Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy-EIS) of nucleic acids at mercury film electrode (MFE). Mercury film was plated either on a glassy carbon electrode (GCE) or pyrolytic graphite electrode (PGE). The dependence of the pseudocapacitance redox peak of echinomycin on concentration and on the ac voltage frequency was measured in bulk solution. Interaction of single- and double-stranded DNA with bis-intercalator echinomycin at nucleic acid-modified surface was studied using EIS with adsorptive transfer method.